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Concentrated Stasis Breaker 50-0.25g Capsule (B2020CC460)

Break Blood stasis, soften the hardness and clear enlargement
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Formula Code: B2020C
In TCVM, tumor tissues and nodules are classified as Blood stasis and stagnation. The key treatment strategy is to remove Blood stasis. Both Stasis Breaker and Max Formula are designed for the treatment of neoplasia, tumors and nodules. The difference is that Stasis Breaker has a strong action while Max Formula has a milder effect. Thus, Stasis Breaker is used for excess enlargement in strong animals.

Western Medical Indications:

Internal abnormal masses



TCVM Indications:

Blood stagnation/stasis

Enlargement or nodules of the local gland or internal organs in strong animals

Pulse: Choppy or weak

Tongue: Purple

Tumor, neoplasia


Do not use in pregnant or weak animals


The herbal medication may induce diarrhea. Stop immediately if the patient develops diarrhea, vomiting or other unusual signs. Use the milder form, Max Formula (B2022).

Dosage for Horse:

3 g twice daily as top dressing on feed

Dosage for Dog/Cat:

0.5g per 10 lb of body weight twice daily


Use as needed up to 3 months. May be used with Wei Qi Booster.

Chinese Principles of Treatment:

Break Blood stasis, soften the hardness and clear enlargement

Clinical Studies:

Small Animal Dosage Example 10 lb - 1/16 packet twice daily 20 lb - 1/8 packet twice daily 40 lb - 1/4 packet twice daily 80 lb - 1/2 packet twice daily

Classical Antecedent:

Nei Xiao Wan from Wei Sheng Bao Jian (Precious Mirror of Health) written by Luo Tian Yi in Yuan dynasty (1279-1368).

Ingredients and Actions:        

English Name
Latin Name
   Bai Hua She She Cao    Oldenlandia Inhibit cell mutation and tumor growth
   Ban Zhi Lian    Scutellaria Clear Heat-toxin, inhibit cell mutation, inhibit tumor growth
   E Zhu    Zedoaria Purge the interior, break Blood stasis and clear mass
   Mu Li(Shu)    Ostrea Soften hardness and clear mass
   San Leng    Sparganium Purge the interior, break stasis and clear mass
   Zhe Bei Mu    Fritillaria Soften hardness and clear nodules